The cerebral cortex is the structure of the brain where the higher mental functions called cognitive functions take place, since they deal with knowledge and consciousness. Some of the more important of these are: attention, understanding and expressing of both written and spoken language, learning, decoding of sensorial stimuli (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste) as well as self control, which define our behavior and personality. When any of the regions of the brain which normally control these above-mentioned functions does not develop properly or becomes damaged, then the corresponding cognitive function(s) become compromised.


Frontal Lobe
Attention, consciousness, reasoning, planning, decision making, behavior, self control.

Pre frontal Cortex
Sensorial mapping, modulation of the senses, automatic movement patterns.

Motor Cortex
Controls purposeful movements throughout the body.

Parietal Cortex (Associative)
Provides communication with the other regions of the brain and allows the association of ideas with data stored in memory.

Occipital Cortex (Visual)
Processes visual input and allows us to understand shapes, sizes, colors, distances and the speed of objects in motion.

Temporal Cortex
Responsible for temporal and spatial recognition and appraisal.

Frontal Lateral Cortex
Allows us to imagine and draw conclusions in an abstract way.

Temporal Posterior Cortex
Allows us to understand and decode both spoken and written language.

General aspects of low scholastic performance in children and adults

  • Hyperactivity / unfocussed attention
    Focus attention with difficulty and easily becomes distracted…
  • Deficit in the integration of information, spoken language and learning  
    Is attentive but does not understand what he/she is hearing, seeing or reading…
  • Deficit in the retention of information (memory deficit)  
    Listens, reads, learns, but within a short period of time cannot remember what was “learned”and the consequences are…
  • Low self-esteem and lack of motivation
    The person becomes insecure and has no desire to attend classes, neither to participate, study or learn.
  • Negative Behavior
    Because he does not understand or comprehend, he becomes bored, distracted, and begins activities other tan those indicated by the teacher such as talking with companions in class, etc. In addition, he becomes frustrated and reacts negatively to any form of pressure or punishment, and may become introverted or aggressive, which also may have, as a consequence, difficulties or inability to socialize. He may consider himself as stupid or bad, which could lead to long-lasting psychological problems and may affect him for life.

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