NEURODIG© is a Scientific Research and Clinical Improvement Institution dedicated to the objective assessment and follow-up of Nervous System disorders and their restoration, utilizing the most advanced Neuro-physiological equipment and cutting edge Natural Health Products.

NEURODIG© has been performing these studies for over 32 years, thus tracking the progression and improvement of numerous types of Nervous System disorders and providing objective and scientific proof as well as clinical evidence, of the improvement in the neurological ailments using a variety of Growth Factors – Like protein fractions and aminoacid based, Natural Health Products.

Our Mission

To research, document and clinically demonstrate over time, scientifically proven positive changes in the evolution of neurological ailments and/or impairments, using its proprietary Growth Factors – Like protein fractions and aminoacid based, Natural Health Products.

Our Vision

To be the leading premier institution in the objective assessment and improving follow-up of patients with neurological ailments and/or impairments, and offer scientifically proven better alternatives to current treatment options and results.


Ing. Sergio A. Cruz Meseguer
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Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Azahed Bonilla Briseño
Ced. Prof. 9908750

Dr. Juan Hermilo Fernández González
Ced. Prof. 186505
Reg. S.S.A. 34464

Dr. José Humberto Vázquez Serrato
Ced. Prof. 536488

Dra. Lina Portillo Mendoza
Natural Medicine – Autoimmune Diseases
Ced. Prof. 1794163
Psychogist Eli Enrique Ojeda Portillo
Psychoanalysis – Researcher
Ced. Prof. 10538242

Dr. Marco Antonio Bracho
Highly Specialized Gynecology
Ced. Prof. 510447
Reg. S.S.A. 62362
AESSA. 32191

Dr. Ignacio Solis Guillen
Ced. Prof. 752989
SEP. DGP. 3247527


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