The following questions have been formulated in order to help you understand the state of some of the higher mental functions which we work on in order to improve scholastic performance and maintain a high level of performance.When answering the questions, please use the numbering scheme according to the table below. At the end, add up the numbers from each question and obtain a numerical value which describes the applicant’s cognitive performance.

1. Always happens
2. Happens often
3. Happens sometimes
4. Rarely happens
5. Never happens

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From 10 to 17 VERY LOW: Your cognitive performance is very low, most likely you have had a difficult school experience, with frustrating results, and we highly recommend taking action in order to make improvements. These scholastic problems can be resolved, visit us!

From 18 to 25 LOW: Your cognitive performance is low, most of your efforts are not yielding the results you could probably obtain, you are constantly swimming upstream. Your efforts can give you better results, if you take action!!!

From 26 to 34 REGULAR: Your cognitive performance is normal, you may be using up too much time in the performance of your tasks, understanding concepts, preparing for exams, time which could be better spent on more creative endeavors, you could definitely improve, and take better advantage of your time!!!

From 35 to 43 GOOD: Your performance is good but could be improved upon. You learn and perform tasks satisfactorily. We offer you the opportunity to discover your maximum level of performance!

From 44 to 50 EXCELLENT: You are at the peak of your capabilities, performing at an excellent level. Your efforts result in optimal results and you reach your academic goals easily. Congratulations!