The Mentally Retarded in the 2000’S Society

Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) improves the rate development and visual evoked potentials (VEPs) in Down Syndrome.

The Mentally Retarded in the 2000’S Society.
Proceedings of the First International Congress on Mental Retardation.
23 – 26 March 1996; Rome, Italy.

The FGF has neurotrophic effect in neurons of many CNS areas, improve neurochemical and morphological parameters in several rodent models of brain demage, also increase mental development in children with mental retardation caused by hyposia-ischemia.

In this study we investigated the modifications in RD and VEPs, where linear correlations coefficient (LCC) of temporal areas (T5-T6) and area of positive (APC) and negative components (ANC) in segments 50-200 and 200-400 ms of occipital areas (01-02), were analyzed.

Two groups were formed; treated (n=15) received intra muscular FGF at dosages of 0.005 µg/Kg of body weight each 10 days during 6-8 moths and controls (n=28) matched in age (4/12 – 6 years) and developmental quotient.

The RD evaluation was performed with Gesell scale, and the VEPs were obtained with EEG equipment an PC.

The results showed a significant increase in RD ( p < 0.001 ), improvement in the LCC ( p < 0.01 ) and a decrease ( p < 0.01 ) of APC of VEPs in the treated group, whereas the controls did not show significant changes.

The statistical analysis were performed by t-test and chi square.

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